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Queen Aislinn.jpg
Species Human
Eye Color Blue
Gender Female
Status Deceased
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Occupation Queen (formerly)
Affiliation Draco
Family Freyne (husband)

Einon (son)

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Died 996
First Appearance Dragonheart
Only Appearance Dragonheart
Last Appearance Dragonheart
Portrayed by Julie Christie
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Queen Aislinn was the wife of the tyrant King Freyne, and the mother of King Einon.


She has no love for her husband but she cannot help but love their son. She was distressed when she sees Einon dying from the wounds he sustained while watching his father butcher peasants from a nearby town. She blames her husband's cruelty for his death as well as her son's injuries. :>

Aislinn takes her dying son to the Dragon (later named Draco by Bowen) and begs him to save her son's life. They greet each other as friends, implying that Aislinn's people were friends of the dragons. She tries to convince Draco that Einon is not his father and that he will be a better King. Draco reluctantly gives in to her please and gives the dying prince half of his heart.

Einon becomes just as cruel as his father, if not more so, and Aislinn comes to regret saving his life. A peasant girl, named Kara, breaks into the castle and tries to kill Einon. When Aislinn hears that her son killed the girl's father she looks at him with disappointment and realizes that something must be done about Einon.

Aislinn saves Kara from Einon's bedchamber, as he has taken a liking to her, and shows her the way out through the passages under the castle. Aislinn tells Kara "I won't let you suffer the same fate I did". This implies that Aislinn had been forced to marry her husband as well and didn't want Kara to be forced to marry a monster.

When the people organize a rebellion against Einon, Aislinn seizes the opportunity to end her son's tyranny and hires dragon slayers. With Draco and Einon's lives connected she hopes that the dragon slayers will end Draco's life before Einon becomes aware of his connection to the dragon. This plan fails as Einon notices that when he is wounded in battle Draco feels the pain as well. He is able to ride back to the castle in time to stop the slayers from killing the dragon, and him along with Draco.

Aislinn sneaks out into the courtyard to say goodbye to Draco and to end his life but she is stopped by Einon. He accuses her of wanting to kill the dragon so that he would die as well. She admits that saving his life all those years ago had been a mistake, to which he replies "How un-motherly of you". Knowing that his mother will keep trying to kill the dragon, Einon walks off and then drives a spear through his mother's back. Her screams are heard from the courtyard.