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Species Human
Eye Color Dark Brown
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Age 15,19(Book)


Occupation King
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Born 969
Died 996
First Appearance Dragonheart
Only Appearance Dragonheart
Last Appearance Dragonheart
Portrayed by David Thewlis
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Einon is the main antagonist of the first Dragonheart movie. He was the son of King Freyne and Queen Aislinn, and was a Saxon prince. He was a former student of English knight, Sir Bowen.


When he was a boy, he was mentored by Sir Bowen so he could learn the Old Code and become a better ruler than his father. Later he and his mentor rode off to the village where King Freyne was laying siege on. While they were watching the ongoing battle, Bowen reminds him to remember the lessons he had learned as well as the Old Code so that he could be a greater king, to which Einon promised that he will be greater. When he saw his father being surrounded by rebellious peasants he immediately rode off to help him while Bowen tries to stop him.

When he arrived at the village, he immediately hid and watched as King Freyne, his father, was being severely beaten by the peasants. After they had left, Einon took the opportunity to head over to his father's corpse and thinking that he is dead, he took the crown from his father's head. Freyne then suddenly grabbed him by the shoulder in a desperate attempt to take back his crown, but his son broke free yelling that the crown is his and his father dies from his wounds. Einon was then gravely wounded when a village girl named Kara fell from a burning house and pushed him into a spike, striking him straight in the heart. When Kara, took off the bucket that she was wearing for a helmet, Einon stared at her beautiful face for a few seconds until Bowen arrived and took him back to King Freyne's wooden stronghold where Einon's mother is.

The wound proved to be deep so his mother, Queen Aislinn, took him to Draco the dragon. After making Einon swear that he will lead a life of truth and honesty, Einon did and he dies, but Draco shares his heart to bring him back from the dead. Soon after, Einon began to show signs that he was as bad if not worse than his father. Bowen tried to stop him by reminding him of the Old Code, but Einon repiled saying a King is above the code. Bowen tackled him and started fighting his soldiers to get a point to his former student. Bowen then became disillusioned and returned to Draco's cave. Believing that the dragon had corrupted Einon, he swore to kill every dragon he could find.

12 years later, Einon became extremely tyrannical with bloodlust and vengeance. He raised taxes high so that he and his cronies could have a feast for themselves. He encounters Kara again, when she attempted to assassinate him for murdering her father Redbeard, and she was taken prisoner. When Einon recognized her as the same girl who accidentally wounded him, he tries to seduce her into becoming his queen to no avail. When he left her alone, Kara escapes with queen Aislinn's help, since she despised of what her son had become. The next day, when Einon finds Kara again, he once again met Bowen and engages him in a vicious duel at the waterfall where Draco's second cave was hidden. As the two fight, Einon reveals that he never shared the same beliefs as Bowen did, and that he used him just to learn how to fight. After badly injuring his former mentor in the shoulder, he pulls out a dagger to throw at his head, but before he can kill Bowen, Draco intervenes and drives Einon and his men off by showing him his half-heart that also beats in Einon's chest.

Another day later, when Einon received news that Bowen is preparing for a revolt with the villagers, he did not dare to underestimate him because he is a great swordsman apart who was also his mentor. He then prepared his army to fight Bowen and the villager, but to Einon's misfortune, things were not as expected. Most of his soldiers were slain by the villagers. When Brother Gilbert shot an arrow at Einon, which caused Draco to receive the pain, causing the dragon to fall into his castle, Einon realized that he is immortal, due to their bond. Because the dragon slayers, whom his mother hired, were preparing to kill Draco, so that Einon will die, he returned to his castle in time to intervene, to the chagrin of Draco. When Bowen arrived at the castle to save Draco, he runs into Einon in his room and they make their last battle. Einon had the upper hand for a while and he breaks Bowen's sword and pinned him to the floor. Bowen then uses a stone to strike Einon in the head to free himself and Kara throws him a dragonslayer axe. When Einon attempted to strike Bowen, he missed and accidentally falls from the tower of the castle and into the bathing house. Just when Bowen refused to kill Draco to end Einon's reign, the latter soon arrives and ambushed Kara, holding her hostage and threatening Bowen that if he moves he kills her but Draco bites one of his claws causing Einon to feel the pain and release Kara reluctantly. Enraged, he grabs his dagger and charges at Bowen to kill him but before Einon could do so, Bowen throws the dragonslayer axe at Draco's exposed half-heart causing Einon to slow down and he is thrown to the ground in defense. He dies soon after along with Draco thus ending his reign of terror for good.


In Dragonheart: A New Beginning, despite his defeat in the first film, he was a shown in a book depicting a picture of Draco which shows that he was referred to as "...a prince, who's wounded in a battle." which references how Einon was wounded after his father's battle with the peasants. During the scene, Draco's son, Drake, learns about the Draco Constellation.


Ill-tempered, kooky, and arrogant, Einon was a cruel and heartless individual as well as extremely narcissistic and immensely callous, being a far more evil tyrant than his father, King Freyne. He was sly, kinky, nefarious, sadistic, and malicious, considerably unaffected by the suffering he caused. Him being pure evil is almost driven to the point of murdering members of his own family and attacking his own, trusted allies.

International Voice Actors

This table consists of other voice actors that have dubbed for this character in other languages.

Foreign Language Voice dubbing artist
Japanese Hirotaka Suzuoki 鈴置洋孝 † (Software version)
Ken Narita 成田剣 (NTV version)
Korean Lee Jae-yong 이재용 (KBS TV version)
French (France) Eric Herson-Macarel
Spanish (Latin America) José Luis Reza
Spanish (Spain) Pep Antón Muñoz
Catalan Unknown
German Stefan Krause
Italian Lorenzo Macrì
Brazilian Portuguese Marcus Jardym
Turkish Unknown
Czech Radovan Vaculík
Slovak Igor Krempaský
Hungarian Alföldi Róbert
Tagalog (Flipino) Unknown
Russian Unknown
Ukrainian Unknown
Mandarian Chinese (Taiwan) Unknown
Cantonese Chinese (Hong Kong) Unknown (2003 TVB version)
Thai Unknown
Hindi Unknown (First dub)
Unknown (Second dub)
Tamil Unknown
Telugu Unknown
Arabic (MBC TV Edition) Unknown
Persian Unknown