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Lord Osric
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Species Human
Eye Color Brown
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Age Unknown
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Died 1065 AD
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Only Appearance Dragonheart: A New Beginning
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Portrayed by Harry Van Gorkum
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Lord Osric of Crossley is the human form of Griffin, the main antagonist of Dragonheart: A New Beginning. He was cursed to live life as a human by the dragon council after rebelling against mankind and causing countless deaths.


In his original form, which is a dragon, and originally named Griffin, Osric fled East during Bowen's years of dragon-slaying. Regarding the peace pact between humanity and dragons as a cruel joke, He plotted a rebellion against mankind in order to take revenge and planned to achieve world domination. However, he is forced to do it alone as the other dragons won't join him. After murdering many humans, Griffin was captured and was punishedt by the Dragon Council for his crimes. As a result, his heart was removed and he was cursed to live as a human (the form he hates most in the world). He was then exiled and he took a new name: Lord Osric of Crossley.

At some point, he became the chief advisor of the king and he pledged to make sure that the Old Code would continue on but secretly corrupting it and plotting to take the throne while poisoning the king. When two Chinese citizens, Master Kwan and the disguised Chinese Empress Lian visited the kingdom to retrieve the dragon from the prophecy of the red-two-tailed comet, Osric denied them an answer and just asks them to leave for their own safety. Later, When he caught sight of the dragon Drake flying with the stable boy Geoff, Osric made them protectors of the kingdom against an invading army called the Teregoths and he took Geoff with him to train him while Master Kwan took Drake. On the day that the red tailed comet comes, the invading Teregoths arrived, so Osric took Geoff and Drake to fight them. During the battle, Osric fakes receiving a blow and he tries to get Griffin to share his heart with him, however, Geoff realizes that it is a trick and was able to stop Drake. Drake was then able to escape along with Geoff after Osric made a failed attempt to hold Geoff hostage.

Later that night, just before the comet arrived, Osric was confronted by Master Kwan, Lian, and the monk Mansel. When Osric recognizes Lian and the amulet that she has with her, which is the amulet of Chinese Emperor Kuo-Fan, Kwan immediately knows Osric's true identity and ordered Lian to burn the amulet. However it failed when Osric extinguished the fire and he discovered that the amulet contained his long-lost heart. He then threw a knife at Lian, intending to punish her for the actions of her ancestors, which was the killing of all the Eastern dragons, Kwan intervenes and took the blow instead which resulted in his death.

Just as Drake and Geoff arrived, Osric then claimed that he had exposed the Old Code's true meaning as a means of controlling the weak and reveals his backstory. After reclaiming his heart, Osric resumed his dragon form in front of the King's entire court, thus becoming Griffin again. He attempted to persuade Drake to join him, but the younger dragon refused and challenged the elder one. Griffin quickly gained the upper hand and nearly killed Drake, but Drake wounded him with the blades in the tip of his tail, and Geoff threw a sword at Griffin. Enraged, Griffin prepared to attack again. However, Drake sent a blast of ice breath at the evil dragon, freezing him solid. The frozen Griffin fell to the ground and shattered into hundreds of pieces. Unfortunately, one of the ice shards hit Geoff in the heart and killed him, but Drake used his heart to revive his friend.


Lord Osric was just as malicious in his conniving form as he is when he was the evil dragon Griffin. He wants only to dominate the world and see to the end of the human race, by his own claw if necessary. He is seen to be manipulative and easily wraps Geoff around his thumb by offering him knighthood, keeping Drake as close as possible to try and steal drakes heart but as soon as he saw his own he had his heart set on it (pun intended).