Dragonheart Wiki
Species Human
Eye Color Green
Gender Male
Status Deceased
Age Unknown
Occupation Rebel Leader
Affiliation Kara
Family Kara (daughter)
Bowen (son-in-law)
Born Unknown
Died 996 A.D.
First Appearance Dragonheart
Only Appearance Dragonheart
Last Appearance Dragonheart
Portrayed by Terry O'Neill
Voiced by Terry O'Neill

Redbeard (real name Riagon) was the father of Kara and a rebel leader who led a revolt against King Freyne. After slaying the king, he and the other villagers were then overwhelmed by the king's army. When Redbeard was captured and taken prisoner, he was freed by Sir Bowen and he fled along with some villagers. Unfortunately, however, Redbeard was captured once again and he was blinded as punishment. 12 years later, King Einon avenged his father's death by shooting an arrow at Redbeard while he was working in the quarry, which went through his heart, killing him instantly.

In hatred and grief over the death of her father, Kara tries to avenge his death by assassinating Einon but was captured. After escaping with the help of Queen Aislinn, Kara followed in her father's footsteps and tried to rally the peasants to oppose Einon but was rejected. Redbeard's death was finally avenged when Sir Bowen kills Einon by throwing an axe at Draco's half-heart which also killed the dragon.