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Siveth with crowed.png
Species Dragon
Eye Color Blue
Gender Female
Status Alive
Age Early 50s
Occupation Friend of Mankind
Affiliation Lukas
Family Drago (Guardian; deceased)
Draco(Rookery brother ; deceased)
Zilant(Rookery sibling; deceased )
Kinabalux,Tatsu,Basilor and Vipero(Rookery brethren )
Born 9th Century A.D.
Died N/A
First Appearance Dragonheart: Vengeance
Only Appearance Dragonheart: Vengeance
Last Appearance Dragonheart: Vengeance
Portrayed by CGI
Voiced by Helena Bonham Carter

Siveth is a dragon and one of the main protagonists in Dragonheart: Vengeance. She is the sixth dragon to appear in the series, and one of the nine eggs brought to Earth by Drago.


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Siveth as she appears in a portrait in DH4

Siveth hatched sometime in the 9th Century A.D. from one of the nine eggs brought to Earth by Drago, and one of the lucky seven to not be sacrificed or dropped eggs. Her character was allluded to by a painted mural in Dragonheart 4: Battle for the Heartfire. She left Britannia for Wallachia, where she encountered its people and their King Razvan when the kingdom was being torn by war. During one battle the king got seriously injured, then, hearing that a dragon could bond with a human of their choosing, was brought to Siveth to be saved. But she refused, because she had already shared her heart with a dying boy named Darius after the death of his parents from the king running them off a road . Although King Razvan survived his injuries, due her refusal to help as punishment the king two weeks later banished the dragon from the kingdom. Since then Siveth was hated by everyone only referred as the traitor to anyone who mentioned her.

One day before her exile the boy she was bonded with Darius ,arrived at her cave in search of answers about his connection with her , Siveth explained the truth of how she had saved his life. the child asked her for help in finding the responsible man who caused his parents to die to get revenge but Siveth refused lied to him about the responsible man who killed his parents (was King Razvan) to protect him, in her refusal to help him Darius got very angry with the dragon left the cave causing them to be enemies from that day forward .

Dragonheart: Vengeance

Twenty years later, Siveth continued to live alone in her ice cave but one day a young farmer named Lukas arrived at her cave like Darius, Lukas asked Siveth for help to find the four murderers who murdered his parents and had set his farm on fire. But Siveth refused again, advising him accept the fate his parents suffered. However, Lukas, unable to let the matter go unanswered, left the dragon in anger, vowing to bring them down himself. Not wanting him to come to harm, Siveth secretly left her cave, transforming herself into a white horse, and soon she managed to find Lukas and became his loyal steed in the search for the murderers, along with a mercenary whom Siveth discovered was a now-adult Darius.


Siveth ice.png

Siveth is proven to be an admirable wise female with a strong sense of justice, believing in acts of mercy and amnesty instead of revenge, yet she can reach a breaking point, as seen when she assumed a loved one was taken from her. it is her sense of justice that has been both her blessing and her curse leading to her being banished, misunderstood and branded as a traitor by the people among her. After she revealed the truth about the king, she was finally welcomed into their society, and despite their prior treatment of her she held no animosity against them, exhibiting an essence of forgiveness and long suffering. Being a female dragon, she possess a motherly spirit as well as soul of compassion, as shown after Lukas and Darius were wounded from their final battle with the four murderers. Siveth is a cautious and attentive sort due to not trusting the king at their first encounter. Moreover the times she refused to aid in acts of revenge were in regard to the safety of others. She is brave fierce, loyal, level-headed, noble, foreseeing, sincere, and spunky with more of a sense of humor than Draco. She's also selfless, as seen in her ultimate choice to come to her companions' aid, allowing the written orders of Razvan that could've vindicated her to be destroyed.

Physical appearance

Siveth full body.jpg

Siveth has white and blue scales with darker undertones. She has piercing blue eyes and a facial design similar to Drago in the fourth film. She seems to be around the same size as Drago.

Powers and Abilities


  • Ice Breath: Siveth's ice breath is a very long stream of ice that is much darker color compared to Drake's, as she is much older and more experienced. She can also fire mist and ice projectiles. Her breath is powerful enough to freeze an entire hut, even freezing people inside it.
  • Heart-sharing: Like other dragons, before sharing her heart with Darius Siveth could be bonded with a human, but with the side effect of sharing the same physical and emotional pain that the human feels.
  • Shape-shifting: Siveth can transform herself into other animals to avoid detection; as she was able to transform herself into a horse, a mouse, cat and dog. However, the transformation can make her weak, being unable to speak or changed back to herself, unable to use her ice breath for a while.
  • Eye Share: Like Darius, Siveth can share her sight from her side to show her link with her bonded.


  • Animal Language: Although it is not seen in the film, it is hinted by her link to Darius and the implicated by Matthew Feitshans she can understand the calls and sounds of other creatures.
  • Dragon Strength: Siveth's tail is powerful enough to whip men and, like other dragons, she can carry humans, but it can slow her down.
  • Genius-Level Intellect: Siveth's intellect is equal to that of a human, and she possesses great wisdom.
  • Jaw "Unhinging": Like Draco, Siveth can "unhinge" her jaws so she can open her mouth wide enough to fit a human inside.
  • Flight: Siveth's wings are powerful enough to for her to fly above the clouds.
  • Communication: Siveth can speak perfect English with a British accent.
  • Dragon Endurance: While Siveth has fine fortitude, due to having shared her heart with a human, she senses the pain that the human experiences to the extent of being knocked out of the sky in midair twice from the bond.
  • Dragon Stamina: As in most of her kind, Siveth's stamina is shown to be fairly high, being able to fly or walk for long distances and not grow weary.
  • Dragon Speed: Siveth is able to fly at faster speeds than the fittest human can run.
  • Dragon Agility: Akin to Draco, Siveth is shown to be very flexible, able to swing her tail and do overturns while in flight.
  • Expert Combatant: Siveth is a capable warrior, able to fight against an army of men without becoming overwhelmed, and she can kill a barbarian with a flick of her tail.


  • (First words in the film to Lukas ) "Find them? Or kill them?"
  • "Humans. High and mighty. Screaming for salvation. Hmm? Even you don't follow your own advice."
  • "Sometimes accepting fate is the only choice."
  • "I'm on my way."
  • "'Whoa, whoa, whoa,' yourself."
  • "Girl? See me wearing a frock?"
  • "Look around you. Life is for living. Live for life, not death."
  • (Last words in the film to the people) "What a party! Can we have another tomorrow? "
  • "Death is an ugly sight, no matter how deserved."
  • "I know you're in pain, but vengeance can darken even the noblest heart."
  • "Keep looking up."
  • "But I am female. And we pay more attention to beauty of all kinds."
  • "What I want is to live a noble life, and one day ascend to the stars among our kind. For eternity."
  • "Siveth. My name is Siveth. It's been years since it was spoken."
  • "You could take her flowers. Girls find flowers intriguing,"
  • "Once you replace trust with fear, there is no going back ."
  • "Don't be so quick to kill. He's worth more to us alive."
  • "Thirty years I've been in exile, my name a curse. That ends tonight."


  • Siveth is the second female dragon in the film series after the Scarred One, and the first female with a name.
  • She is the first female dragon shown on-screen. The Scarred One in the first film was shown only in shadow.
  • Siveth is the second named dragon whose name does not begin with the letters D-R-A. The first is Griffin.
  • Siveth revealed that male dragons can disguise themselves as rocks or water, but female dragons can transform into other animals.
  • As stated by the writer Matthew Feitshans, and Siveth herself in the film, she is the first known vegetarian dragon. According to Feitshans, due to her loneliness in exile, she made friendswith the woodland creatures, which in turn resulted in her forgoing any meat unwilling kill the animals she befriended.
  • It is hinted by the film's writer Feitshans that Siveth could be Draco's mate and the mother of Drake. Though It is most likely the scarred one was Draco’s mate and drake’s mother.
  • Siveth is the third protagonist dragon in the film series not to be killed off at its introduction film after Drake and Drago. and the second to live overall throughout series. With the first being drake.
  • Siveth is the second dragon in the film series to breath ice with the first being Drake