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The Scarred One
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Species Dragon
Eye Color Unknown
Gender Female
Status Deceased
Age Unknown
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Affiliation Draco (presumed)
Family Draco (presumed mate; deceased)
Drake (presumed son)
Born unknown
Died 996 AD
First Appearance Dragonheart
Only Appearance
Last Appearance
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The Scarred One is an unnamed dragon that appears in Dragonheart . The Scarred One was the second to last dragon up until her death in 996 AD when she was slain by Bowen, a knight of the old code, leaving her presumed mate Draco as the last surviving dragon. It is unknown if she Ascended to the constellation Draco after she died.


The Scarred One appeared in the Einon's kingdom in 996 AD, specifically over the wheat fields overseen by Lord Felton. On the road through the wheat field, Brother Gilbert was reciting one of his poems of King Arthur and Avalon when he heard and saw the Scarred One flying overhead. Sir Bowen rose over a nearby hill armed with a bow and arrow, presumably preparing to fire another shot. He disappeared down a hill after getting directions from Brother Gilbert. The Scarred One possibly had been wounded by Bowen's arrows forcing her to land. Brother Gilbert witnessed the battle from a safe distance, watching debris and dust cloud the air. He presumed the Scarred One had killed Bowen as he heard the knight scream and his horse run off without him. The battle was won by Bowen instead, emerging with a dragon's tooth in hand. The Scarred One's death was tragic news to Draco when he later heard Bowen boast of his exploit during their first meeting. Draco declared he and the Scarred One were the last dragons in the world and he angrily inquired how much gold did her "tattered carcass" put in Bowen's purse, to which the knight refused to answer. In truth, The Scarred One's death went unrewarded after Bowen argued with Felton over terms of gold, to which Felton refused to pay a foreign knight.

Powers and Abilities


  • Unknown breath: Either fire or ice breath or both.
  • Heart Giver: Like all dragons, she was able to share her heart with a human, but with the side effect of feeling any pain that the human feels.


  • Dragon Strength: Like all dragons, she had amazing strength.
  • Dragon Durability: Like all dragons, her skin was very tough.
  • Dragon Endurance: Like all dragons, her endurance was very high.
  • Dragon Stamina: Like all dragons, her stamina was very high.
  • Dragon Speed: Like all dragons, she can fly in high speed faster than a horse or human.
  • Dragon Flexibility: Like all dragons, she was very flexible.
  • Flight: Like all dragons, her wings were powerful enough to bring her to high altitudes.
  • Communication: She presumably can speak perfect English. She can also sing very well Like all dragons.
  • Expert Combatant: She was a powerful fighter partly because of her large size, and had fought off numerous dragon-slayers. She had a long, powerful tail whose tip can open into three blades, so she can use her tail like an axe or club.
  • Genius-Level Intellect: Her intellect was equal to that of a human's.


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